Embrace the Essence of Tuscany: Olive Harvest and Tree Adoption Experience


Embrace the Essence of Tuscany: Olive Harvest and Tree Adoption Experience

In the verdant hills of Tuscany, a family’s visionary project is redefining the art of olive oil production. At its heart is Dianora, a dedicated member of this family, whose passion for olive cultivation shines through every bottle of their exquisite oil.

The Resilient Harvest: Quality Over Quantity

This year, Tuscany experienced unusually heavy rains during spring and autumn, impacting the olive yield. Yet, despite these challenges, Dianora’s recent harvest has been a triumph of quality. The younger trees in their groves bore fruit for the first time, unveiling new monovarietal oils with outstanding taste and organoleptic properties. This milestone marks a significant achievement for the team, underscoring their commitment to excellence despite nature’s unpredictability.

A Lesson from Nature

Dianora believes that the most challenging years are often the most instructive. Nature, in its wisdom, guides them towards sustainable practices and resilience, teaching valuable lessons in every season.

Tuscan Olive Oil: A Tradition of Taste

Olive oil is not just a culinary delight in Tuscany; it’s a cultural symbol. The region is renowned for its olive trees and the simple yet delicious “fettunta” – a traditional Tuscan snack of toasted bread drizzled with fresh olive oil, dating back to the 12th century.

An Invitation to Experience Olive Oil Like Never Before

We invite you to immerse yourself in this rich tradition. Join us in Tuscany for the olive harvest, and experience firsthand the joy of creating your own olive oil. For about 2000 euros, you can adopt a magnificent Tuscan olive tree for a year. This unique opportunity includes a night’s stay during the season, a lunch under the tree’s shade, and the chance to take home freshly pressed olive oil, straight from the Tuscan groves.

A Taste of Tuscany: Award-Winning Oils and Delicacies

Your journey into the world of olive oil doesn’t end with the harvest. Enjoy a tasting session featuring monovarietal and blended award-winning biodynamic olive oils. This experience is complemented by a selection of Tuscan delicacies and premium wines, set either in an ancient cellar or a picturesque castle garden, depending on the weather.

Adopt Your Piece of Tuscany

Are you captivated by the majestic beauty of the Tuscan olive tree? Imagine having your very own for a year. The adoption includes a night’s stay during the harvest season, a delightful lunch beneath its branches, and the privilege of taking home the oil produced from your tree’s olives.

Get in Touch to Begin Your Tuscan Journey

Interested in adopting a Tuscan olive tree or learning more about this unique experience? Contact us to inquire further and start your journey into the heart of Tuscan olive oil tradition.

Join us and become part of a timeless Tuscan tale, where every drop of olive oil tells a story of heritage, quality, and passion.