The legal preliminaries

Codice Fiscale

All private foreign buyers require an Italian Codice Fiscale – an Italian Fiscal Number- to buy property in Italy. It is the way in which the Government identifies you for any major asset purchases…it is needed to even open an Italian bank account. You can obtain your CF at any local Italian Consulate near you or if you are visiting Italy, a quick visit to an “officio de entrata” as I did will have you sorted in no time.

If you wish to purchase in a company name, a tax code must be requested directly from the Office of Revenue in Italy and any foreign companies must be registered in Italy. We are able to assist you with advice as to your most appropriate investment vehicle and in obtaining the pre-requisites.

Italian Bank Account

In Italy it is mandatory to have an Italian Bank Account before purchasing a property. We can refer you to a number of Banks in which we collaborate with or alternatively assist you doing this.